Foam Machine Rental

Organize a foam party for your company! Strengthen team spirit with a fun and unforgettable activity. Rent our foam machines now.

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Packages available

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1 canon $499*
Picture 8H EN Foam Machine Rental
1 canon $599*


For cancellations 45 days before the date, there is no charge and we will the full amount of your deposit. Between 15 and 45 days before date reserved, you can change your date, but we will not reimburse not the deposit. You can book up to one year after your date. No cancellations will be accepted 15 days prior to your booking date.

a three-pin grounded socket outlet located 15 metres from the machine

50 Machine feet

20 x 20 foot area, preferably on grass, but sidewalk is also suitable

Adults 18 and over


The foam used in our foam parties is designed to be safe. They are hypoallergenic and tested to guarantee their safety.

Biodegradable foam that disappears on its own without cleaning.

towel and change of clothes

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